Michael Schmidt


Innovation Development

Product innovation is an essential factor for successful brands and companies. In most medium-sized companies, there is no staff position, which takes care of the future product portfolio over the next generation also. It is because there is a lack of manpower and missing strategies for an evolutionary development of the portfolio for 2nd and 3rd product generation.

Due to our long-term cooperation with brand leaders from different industries, we were able to develop an “innovation tool” that helps us evolve new product solutions and concepts. This process includes in addition to a broad market and technology research and expert interviews, especially workshops in the company. This new product ideas are generated and tested and evaluated for feasibility, market acceptance, value and marketing potential.

In this collaboration with experts and partners, and the staff inside the company we establish a creative environment that allows the development of successful products. In this context it should be mentioned that code2design is an official innovation partner of the Fraunhofer Society.

After the first inspection we come to the proof of concept, including patent search, availability of technologies and fabrication resources. Only then the detailed product development and design can take place.