Michael Schmidt




designed by Michael Schmidt and Markus Michalski.

FSB is known for minimalist design that combines technology and aesthetics at the highest level. In doing so, the brand manages to strike a perfect balance between engineering and design, creating products that meet the highest standards of user experience. This reflects the brand’s DNA and is a central part of its identity.

FSB’s range of flush-mounted solutions for doors and windows is now being complemented by an innovative window handle whose operating concept allows for a particularly minimalist look. The designers have developed an innovative solution that combines user experience, technology and aesthetics. This combination of function and form finds its visual expression in a bevel. Its role as an operating element is illuminated by the contrast created by light reflecting differently off the bevel and the flat front of the handle. The outcome of this concept is a window handle that is completely integrated in the window.

In addition to the aesthetic advantages, the window handle offers a multitude of functional advantages that result from its shape – regardless of whether it is used in a private home or in public buildings. For example, an interior blind or sunshade can run very close to the window. With folding-sliding systems, the distance between the individual elements is minimized in the folded state so that they can be pushed together completely. In addition, with the new flush window handle, there is no risk of injury from a protruding handle. In a lockable variant, RC-compliant, i.e. burglar resistance is also guaranteed.