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Fraunhofer IAO Future Work Lab

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New quality of work – interaction, assistance, health and well-being

As part of the “Future Work Lab” research project funded by the BMBF, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO is working with partners from industrial companies, associations and technology suppliers to examine what the future of work in the context of digitization (Industrie 4.0) will look like. Against the background of rising volatilities, uncertainties and complexities on the one hand, and new expectations of the work of future employee generations on the other, companies are faced with the challenge of implementing flexible, modular and at the same time attractive, healthy and productive work systems. In cooperation with the design studio code2design and the companies aucobo, Ambright, Elabo and HoloLight, the Fraunhofer IAO is examining what such a work system can look like in its innovation laboratory »Future Work Lab« as an example of a future assembly workstation as part of the molecular production system.

All modules of the production system can be assembled in a very short time to the necessary layout configuration. So common mounting systems such as row and flow assemblies or U-lines, but also decentralized individual workstations can be realized. In addition to the versatility of the production system, the working assembly, its requirements and expectations are the focus of the assembly workplace. The design of the technologies is closely geared to the daily and situation-dependent needs and thus enables an optimal user experience: For example, the lighting situation, seating or stabling options, assistance functions and the air conditioning of the workspace can be individually adjusted. The language assistant allows the user to control the workplace as well as to navigate the digital assistance system. In this way, the molecular production system enables productive, healthy, learning-friendly and attractive work.