Michael Schmidt


Product Design

Our core competence is industrial design: translating a promising idea into a shape, checking the requisite ergonomic factors and creating technical concepts. These are complex processes, during which we place a strong focus on quality and efficiency. By using traditional as well as state-of-the-art tools we are able to respond to any design requirement; pen and foam models are as important to us as CAD in 2D or 3D or computer visualisation of any kind.

The interface is the bond between a user and the product. In the era of electronic devices, many functions of a product are only accessible via interfaces, thus the interface is as important as the design itself during the development process. This integrated process optimizes the product and guarantees long-term market success.

Trend | Material Research

Competition benchmarking, target group analysis and trend monitoring form the basis of the success of our designs: for this reason we have built up a close network of collaboration with numerous experienced agencies and institutes. Fairs and exhibitions are visited on a regular basis to keep our knowledge of consumer needs, products and their surroundings up to date. In this way we are able to build up an in-depth, informed insight of the market, helping us to create successful products and giving our clients the benefit of being to plan for sure product success.

An integral part of our design development is the use of new technologies and materials or combinations of materials. For this reason, over the years we have built up an extensive material library and continued to extend our network of partners from industry, research & development. For our customers this means that we are now able to deliver even higher-quality consulting and design services and have also been able to expand our shared innovation processes.

Series Implementation

Code2design is a full-service agency with over 20 years of experience and a wealth of expert knowledge to match. We are your efficient, reliable partner for A-Z, from strategy consultancy to production series implementation, construction and prototyping. And when comes to concrete project implementation, we create finished design solutions for our customers without trade-offs or losing information along the way.

In order to achieve this, we work very closely with our long-standing construction partners, leveraging our extensive international network from very diverse market areas and industries and opening it up for our clients. Your benefits: a shorter time to market, less pressure on employees and bottom-line cost savings.

C.A.I.D. | Rapid Prototyping

Our chosen work tools are pen and foam models, CAD in 2D or 3D and all types of computer visualization. We work with all standard industry CAD software programs, ensure smooth data transfer between project partners and also provide our clients with data which can be forwarded directly to CAM.

Solid models on a scale of 1:1 are prepared, these are required to check and test all professional designs. At the beginning of the design cycle mock-ups are made in our own workshops, subsequently we work together with model construction and rapid prototyping specialists. Having selecting a partner from our professional network according to the type pf project concerned, together we convert draft designs into tangible forms and functions.

Case Studies | Show Pieces

An integral part of our design work is concept studies, in which we look to the future and examine new technical possibilities. Design studies are a proven way of evaluating the market viability of a design.

The so called “Showpieces” serve to support brand communications, helping to open new market opportunities as visionary cutting-edge technology leaders. They are often displayed at trade fairs or exhibitions.