Michael Schmidt


„Our holistic 360-degree approach to design projects enables us to tap into the emotional value that makes a product exceptional and successful.” Michael Schmidt

We are drawn to appealing products and charismatic objects in the same way that we enjoy the company of interesting, fascinating people. This elusive quality is what makes objects desirable, it is essential to the success of a product and for strengthening a brand.

What´s the secret behind such products and product systems? At code2design, we have spent many years developing and refining our design process with the aim of creating this special quality. We firmly believe that a holistic approach with a 360-degree view of design projects is the only way to tap into the emotional value motivating future decisions to purchase and makes a product exceptional and successful.

Perfect functionality and intuitive use form the natural starting point for our designs, with a multitude of other perspectives also flowing into the process. In this way we create design solutions that actively engage our product users and admirers for far longer, designs that awaken emotions and leave space for individual interpretation. Products that are expressive, yet maintain their depth and their multifaceted fascination. Products that build brand strategy with an aesthetic appearance encompassing a wealth of significance: form follows content.

”As a designer also focused on strategy, design thinking is a method that I have been using for decades as a tried and proven way of finding and implementing innovative solutions, rather than just a new trend.“ Michael Schmidt

Our team approaches the innovation process in the same way as we would work on a specific design project, from a holistic perspective: company brands and products are evaluated in terms of relevant markets, target groups, design, technology, materials and current trends.

In this way innovation strategies are created that provide our clients with new impulses for development, enabling them to tap into new and promising market potential. Workshops held together with management, staff and external experts combine expertise, increase the acceptance of new goals and the changes required to achieve them.

Michael Schmidt and C2D can support companies in the development of corporate and brand design strategies as well with product portfolio planning and the creation of development road maps – or we can develop your strategy for you. As an entrepreneur, you benefit from the proven expertise in communication and design of our consultant team as well as from the creativity and entrepreneurial thinking that form part of the genetic make-up of our design studio. Our consultancy process delivers concrete results in clearly-defined steps; we are success-oriented and driven by action.