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Architecture meets kitchen.

bbqube_X | Outdoor kitchen mehr

For outdoors.

The latest generation of outdoor kitchens of the OCQ brand sets new standards not only by their puristic look: the modular BBQubeX offers architects and garden planers multiple options in terms of decor, features and layout. The scope of design is manifold – the planning effort is small, since the individual modules are perfectly matched to one another and can thus be combined individually.

Thanks to its innovative 6 mm ceramic surfaces, the BBQubeX is extremely robust, weather-resistant and easy to clean. A variety of decors such as marble, concrete, corten or granite are available. The intelligent and patented AllWeatherProTM ventilation concept (similar to a ventilated building fa├žade) protects the kitchen against rain, snow, sun and ensures that condensation moisture can dry off and protects the interior of the carcass. Therefore, the outdoor kitchen ensemble can be completely outdoors and does not need to be covered. But the BBQubeX is not only durable: if the worst comes to the worst, each module can be easily dismantled and recycled.