Michael Schmidt



CID of a non-negative pressure water supply unit mehr

The “non-negative pressure water supply system” is a constant pressure water supply unit for buildings that is connected to the municipal water supply network. The system ensures that the pressure within a building with many consumers – typically high-rise buildings – does not fall below a certain “protection pressure”. These systems are used wherever the pressure in the municipal pipe network is not high enough or is subject to strong fluctuations. The water supply unit with constant pressure solves, so to speak, the “water supply of the last kilometre” to the consumer or user.

The system consists of a water supply unit and a control cabinet with control electronics and user interface. The system, designed by C2D for the Chinese company Tancy, is characterised by an iconographic appearance with a high recognition value – modular structured, easy to assemble and maintain. The CID characteristics of Tancy were consistently implemented here: high performance, high-quality workmanship and modernity. As a rule, these systems are installed inside the building in new constructions. When installed in existing buildings, small systems can also be set up and connected outside the building in a separate housing.