Michael Schmidt



door handle family FSB 1289 mehr

designed by Michael Schmidt and Markus Michalski. The FSB 1289 door handle model impresses with its elegant and timeless design. At first sight of the lever handle, one notices its slender, minimalist form; when grasping it, the convex back flatters the hand and becomes ergonomic at the same time.

Our central concern was to create a contemporary design that establishes a formal affinity with our sliding door handles and pull door handles designed for FSB. Even during the previous design of the innovative sliding door handles, there was the idea of creating a matching handle design that would find a shape that flatters the hand when gripping.

An important aspect in the development of the shape was also to make it as uncomplicated and efficient as possible to manufacture. If the processes are well thought out, you need fewer raw materials and capacities. Another aspect to be emphasised here is the high quality standard, which makes the product long-lasting. All these factors confirm the authentically lived sustainability at FSB.