Michael Schmidt


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FLATup Office mehr

Concept and Design by Michael Schmidt

The new FLATup furniture is made to create a creative and relaxed working atmosphere, whether in a co-working or home office. Because in developing FLATup, we asked ourselves what qualities a piece of furniture must have so that people feel really comfortable at work outside the conventional office. A so-called favorite place.

And that’s why FLATup, when unfolded – thanks to its L-shape and the textile-covered screen – offers a screened, ergonomic workplace for feeling good and for concentrated work. Standing on casters, it can be placed in different locations, in the office or at home, or easily moved to a completely new location (e.g. the terrace). Combining several FLATup modules with each other creates work islands in a wide variety of combinations and layouts.

End of work: the FLATup is folded and closed in one minute and the “work” is gone – that’s good for the work-life-balance! And then the FLATup doesn’t look like office furniture or shelving, it looks like a screen and cuts a fine figure. With fm Büromöbel, FLATup has a manufacturer that focuses on sustainability through its climate-neutral production and its recyclable materials cycle – FLATup can be completely recycled.