Michael Schmidt


Outdoor Barstool for OCQ

ZERO mehr

Why are we designing an outdoor bar stool for OCQ and BBQube? Because there are only a few stools on the market with the right seat height for outdoor kitchens with a working height of 95cm and very few of them with a comfortable and outdoor suitable seat cushion. In addition, we wanted to create a design, a shape that is unique and uncompromising, while incorporating all the important functions, such as footrest and stability.

The result is ZERO with an iconic as well as functional design. With its weather – and non-slip support cushion of 5 cm – all equipped with Sunbrella fabrics – the bar stool offers unique comfort. Made for year-round outdoor use, the ZERO stool also works as a solitaire on the patio or in an ensemble together with the ZERO Table. A variety of colors can be chosen to express an individual style or to create a tone-in-tone arrangement with an OCQ outdoor kitchen