Michael Schmidt


Case Study - Producer wanted!

Peace Chair mehr

The Peace sign had almost disappeared from collective use for a while, had become a symbol of the 1968 movement, made an innocuous part of our history. But suddenly it reappears with power and it seems to have regained magical power. For we have all become aware that the peace in which we have lived for over 70 years is a most fragile one.

The artist Reiner Xaver Sedelmeier and the product designer Michael Schmidt have now transferred this magic, which emanates from this symbol, into a lounge chair in which we can comfortably take a seat. If we look at this lounge chair, we see the sign in its classic form. If we sit down in the sign, it gives us support and pleasant comfort. And it is precisely with these different moments of experience: the seeing that brings the entire history of the motif to mind in one fell swoop, the sitting down that teaches us to ask whether peace is really as secure as it is in Abraham’s chair’s lap (we currently see that it is not), that the transformative power of creation becomes apparent. In the midst of aesthetic pleasure, the crucial questions are posed to us and to society. What must we do today and in the future, if peace is our ultimate goal!

The PEACE CHAIR’s seat shell is made of recycled plastics from the circular economy and can be produced in different colors. The material used as well as the manufacturing process ensures that the chair/armchair can be used outdoors without any restrictions. Currently we are looking for a producer incl. distribution for the PEACE CHAIR.